A Unique Eircode for Every Address in June 2015


The new postcode system for Ireland will be launched in June. Local organisations in Offaly are helping to spread the word about the benefits. If you know some who you think could do with some help, including elderly family members or neighbours. Please get in touch with Declan Costello, Offaly Local Development Company on 0579151622/0876991226 or dcostello@offalyldc.ie

A Unique Eircode for Every Address

An Eircode is unique to your house, not to you, so if you move home, you will not take the Eircode with you. The implementation of Eircode will be very simple, and it will not affect your current postal service.


Who will Get an Eircode?

All 2.2million address’s will get an Eircode, for example;

  • Each house on a street
  • Each flat in an apartment block
  • Each house in a rural townland
  • Both units in a duplex unit


​You Do Not Need to Change Your Address

You do not need to change your address, an Eircode is simply added to the end of your address. The use of Eircode is not mandatory, however it is likely that organisations will ask you for your Eircode, especially those delivering goods or services to your address.

For the moment, you don’t need to do anything. You will be sent a letter in summer 2015 informing you of the Eircode for your address and how to use it.

Benefits for Residents

  • Easier delivery of goods to your home by having a unique code to indicate precisely where you live
  • Help you locate services and locations around you