Ferbane Parish Pastoral Council Friendly Call Services.


FERBANE PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL FRIENDLY CALL SERVICES – Ferbane Parish Pastoral Council in conjunction with Ballycommon Telework and Training Centre Ltd. are proposing to put in place a free Telephone Befriending service for our senior citizens and vulnerable people living alone in the Parish of Ferbane. The aim of the befriending service is to help reduce the feelings of isolation many older people experience, by arranging for trained staff and volunteers to phone them regularly at an agreed time in their own home or place of residence. It is for anyone over 60 years of age who may feel lonely, isolated or who simply would enjoy receiving a phone call on a regular weekly basis. We offer a supportive, friendly, caring call to anyone who feels they would benefit from having a chat and aim to provide companionship, support and information. Anyone interested in availing of this service should contact any member of the Ferbane Parish Pastoral Council, Public Health Nurses, and other relevant services or by calling 087 7912586 or 086 Family members can also make a referral on behalf of a relative they feel would benefit from this service with their permission. Once a referral has been made and we receive a completed application form a letter of  aknowledgement will be issued to the person wishing to avail of this service. When signed up, we will then give the applicant a call on the telephone at an agreed time, just for a friendly chat, or maybe to communicate what is appening in the Parish. Please be assured that when a person signs for this confidential service, they will always be in control and we promise we will not intrude or interfere in any way. We will at all times do what we can to help. This exciting new service has been operating very well in Ballycommon since November 2013 so we are inviting all senior members of the Parish of Ferbane to sign up for this free and confidential service as soon as possible, which we believe, will be of great benefit to everybody.