GREENHOME IS AN INITATIVE BY THE EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and an Taisce.

Green Home was developed as a framework to support and advise householders on ways to save money on their household bills while protecting the environment. The programme focuses on the themes of waste, energy, water and transport and extends the Green-Schools message beyond the school gates into the wider community. The Green Home programme can be undertaken by an individual householder or as part of a group.

Green Home Themes

 The Green Home programme aims to help householders to reduce their household bills while at the same time doing their bit for the environment. The programme focuses on four key household themes of waste prevention, water conservation, energy conservation and sustainable transportation.

The Green Home Themes page aims to provide householders with the most current and up to date tips and advice and relevant links on ways to reduce waste, conserve water and energy around the house and to use more sustainable travel options.  The action plans suggest ways in which you can incorporate the tips and advice into your day to day life thus helping you to save money around the house.  For more information on Greenhomes visit

 Green Themes