Irish Rural Link Grant Awareness

Irish Rural Link are trying to create awareness around the grants which people are entitled to for insulating their homes and other energy efficiency measures.  Some people in receipt of social welfare payment, such as carer’s allowance are entitled to home insulation free of charge, but unfortunately they are unaware of this.  We are therefore holding free information events throughout Offaly to ensure that people are properly informed on their entitlements and on how they can apply for these grants.


It would be most helpful if you could include the following in your parish news bulletin this weekend and on any other forum which you think will be interested in this information.


Thanking you in advance for your assistance.


Do you want a warmer more comfortable home? Do you want lower energy bills? Then come along to our free information event in The County Arms Hotel, Birr on Thursday 22nd Nov from 7-8.30 pm for a cuppa and to hear from SEAI, Irish Rural Link and local Contractors about which grants you may be entitled to.