We gained an impressive 5 points in this years National Competition. We wish to Congratulate EVERYONE in the Community for helping Ferbane Tidytowns to clean up our town and surrounds and make it a beautiful town to live in and visit. We now have 292 points and are in 2nd place in our Category for the Tidiest Small Town in Offaly! In the last 4 years we have gained a momentous 25 points. Our aim is to reach the Awards Stage at 300 points this year. We are a few individuals and will need the whole Community to come together to help us to reach this milestone. We look forward to working together with you! Thank you. Chair, FTT.


2017 Ferbane tidy towns results



Please click the link below to see how Ferbane fared in the national TidyTowns 2016 competition.

TidyTowns official Ferbane report.

Results for the  Local Tidy Towns competition 2016:

Shop front awards: 

1st Place; Walsh’s Pharmacy

Always clean and tidy while dealing with lots of foot passengers and a very busy business, which uses lots of reusable forms of storage and transportation of goods but yet never causes any infringement on the day to day working of the Main Street. The shop facade is always clean and presentable.
2nd Place; Post office

Great looking building that shows a great pride in itself. Well kept and well maintained and a great welcome to the town.

3rd Place; Glessons bar.
Clean, presentable, welcoming. All the things a bar should be. Shows a great sense of community with its team flags. Clean and tidy footpaths are always a plus to any Main Street.
Community area

 1st Place; Ballyclare road

A beautiful tree lined road with a fabulous sense of history, an area where the town truly begins. A really well maintained area. A true jewel in the crown of the town.

 2nd Place; Priory view  (Front Row)
Well maintained large communal area with well kept homes and gardens. A sense of pride & community about the area is clear to be seen.

3rd Place (Tie) Delvin Park
A welcome that shows a great sense of pride in its town and country with a beautiful tri colour flowing in the summer breeze. The mature cherry blossom trees are a beautiful addition to well established homes.
•Ard Glás
For a new development it has a great air of been part of the area for a far long time. A great addition to the town.