Massive crowd at Bank Action group Public meeting.

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Major points from tonights meeting:

  • Public Protest March scheduled for 1pm Friday 19th December.
  • Major media presence expected.
  • Large crowd needed to garner national attention.
  • Convening at 12.30pm at Gallen United Soccer pitch and marching to the bank.
  • As many people as possible of all ages are welcome.
  • This decision will affect our ENTIRE Community. Not just Ulster Bank customers!
  • Support our local Ulster Bank employees jobs!
  • Text your mobile number to 086 3542242 to receive updates on the demonstration.
  • If you are in a position to provide transport to people who have none please let us know.
  • If you are having difficulty finding transport please contact the number above and let us know.
  • All voluntary organisations are asked to alert their members and ask them to demonstrate.
  • Remember: The bank promised they wouldn’t close a branch in a town where it’s the only bank.


Don’t let them renege on their commitments!


12.30pm Friday Gallen Utd. soccer grounds!