NATIONAL SPRING CLEAN IN FERBANE;Your Town – It’s easy to make a difference 

Ferbane Tidy Towns Association is appealing to the people of Ferbane to participate in this year’s National Spring Clean . They are calling on residents groups, sporting clubs, community organisations to support this years Spring Clean event in the town:

When :              Tuesday 21nd April;

Time                  7pm

Where :.            Meet at Heritage Centre car park) All are Welcome!

If you would like to organise a Spring Clean event this year we would ask you to first register with An Taisce at National Spring Clean . Registration is very important as An Taisce will give your tips on how to carry out clean-ups and provide you with refuse bags, gloves etc

National Spring Clean The main objective of National Spring Clean is to encourage community clean-ups throughout the town, and address litter issues in their own locality. Ferbane Tidy Towns Association are calling on all residents associations, sports clubs and community organisations to organise a clean-up of their local area and communal areas, which could be an estate street or road, please separate and recycle waste where possible (cans, glass etc.) and ensure that any waste destined for landfill is disposed of in a responsible and legal manner. By organising a clean-up you will contribute to an overall improvement in the local environment. National Spring Clean projects can be organised anytime in April each year, but don’t stop there…continue the work throughout the year.

What is Litter?

Litter is always caused by inconsiderate people , who have no pride in their surroundings. Litter is waste in the wrong place, it ruins the appearance of our cities, towns, villages, our residential areas and the countryside generally.

Examples of Litter:

  • Cigarette butts;
  • Sweet wrappers / Fast Food / “Breakfast Roll” wrappers;
  • Dog fouling;
  • Fly-tipping household goods on roadsides;
  • Broken bottles or Cans left in public areas;
  • Plastic bags / bottles;
  • Weeds;
  • Plastic bags / bottles;
  • Graffiti;
  • Unpainted / poorly maintained buildings;

What can I do for National Spring Clean?

Your contribution during the National Spring Clean, however big or small, will have real and measurable benefits for your local environment. Here are some ideas on projects you can tackle either with friends, your school / work mates, or as part of an organised event by your Residents Association. National Spring Clean is an opportunity for the whole community of Ferbane to come together and take action against all types of litter that spoil our town, amenity areas and countryside.

  • Residents Association litter-pick and weed control activity;
  • Paint communal railings / street furniture;
  • Encourage your friends and neighbours to become involved;
  • Select a known “grot spot” in your own locality and give it a thorough “Spring Clean”;
  • Whole school participation in cleaning school grounds and surrounding areas;
  • Remove litter from approach roads to your town / residential area
  • Simply spend fifteen minutes clearing weeds / litter from in front of your house;
  • Clearing weeds / litter from in front of your shop or business premises;
  • Repaint / Refurbish your shop or business premises;



To Report Littering use the FREE PHONE Environment Hotline –1800 242673





National Spring Clean is Ireland’s most popular, well recognised and successful anti-litter initiative. Now in its 17th year, the campaign encourages every sector of society to actively participate and take responsibility for litter, by actually conducting clean-ups in their own local environment. National Spring Clean traditionally takes place throughout the month of April.

National Spring Clean has been operated by An Taisce since 1999 in partnership with the Department of Environment, Heritage & Local Government and Local Authorities and is sponsored by the Wrigley Company Ltd. and Repak Ltd. The size and scale of National Spring Clean has grown steadily and significantly over the years.

In 1999, 1,732 clean-up events were registered with An Taisce and an estimated 155,000 people took part in these events. By 2014 these numbers had risen to 5112 events with over 519,000 people participating. To get a flavour of the various types of National Spring Clean Events check out some of the case studies more>>Last year (2014), an estimated 550 tonnes of litter was collected of which 35% was recycled. In the current era of climate change the more we recycle, the more we reduce our carbon emissions, so by taking part in National Spring Clean we are making a difference! For more information on litter, recycling and climate change click here >>.

The effort and enthusiasm of the National Spring Clean volunteers has ensured the campaign’s real triumph and success. As National Spring Clean has become a fixed date on the school and community calendar, this partnership can hopefully look forward to an even greater success for many years to come.