Rashina Vintage Club

Rashina Vintage are offering to help their community in whatever way they can. Here are the details:

All of us at Rashina Vintage Club pride ourselves in being involved in such a great community club, because without our bustling little community we wouldn’t be as successful in our events as we are.

It is in uncertain times like this that the true colours of a community are shown and all of us at Rashina Vintage Club want to make our presence known.

In light of Covid-19 (coronavirus) we want to reach out to everyone in our wider community and let them know should they require any assistance in any part of their daily lives, eg Stocking up on fuel, collect messages, picking up prescriptions etc to get into contact with us

Reach out to us via the numbers of our Executive committee members below or message our page

Philip Keegan +353 (85) 838 5353
Tom egan +353 (87) 671 5015
Ultan Duffy +353 (86) 393 4988
Peter Egan +353 (87) 987 1560
Jason Daly +353 87 238 5124
Ann Shea +353 86 306 1896
Francis Egan +353 87 241 3234
Martina Gaffey +353 87 793 9954

Please share and show people that might not have access to social media!

Thanks all! and stay safe
Rashina vintage Club PRO
Philip Keegan