Ferbane Fóroige Club was formed in 1996 by a group of dedicated adult volunteers who, in consultation with West Offaly Partnership, identified the need for a dedicated youth service to provide a social outlet for teenagers in the area.  The Club initially opened with 25 members and met upstairs in Ferbane GAA Center. The Club later moved to St. Mary’s Hall.


In 2006 owing to increasing numbers, it was decided to establish a Junior Club for 1st and 2nd year members, with the existing ‘Senior’ Club continuing to cater for those at 3rd year and over in second level education.  In 2011 it was again necessary to divide the groups. We now host three seperate groups – 1st year; 2nd year and 3rd year & above.


Following the opening of the new Gallen Community School, the Clubs again moved premises, this time to the next Community School facilities. The Club also, to mark this move, changed the name to “Gallen Community Ferbane” Senior and Junior Foróige Clubs respectively.  This move was, in it’s own way, a ‘Homecoming’ for the Club.  In the mid-50’s, Macra na Tuaithe (which became Foróige in the 70’s), was established by the late Michael Walsh in Ferbane Vocational School, continuing there until 1969.


Gallen Community Ferbane Foróige Clubs meet on Friday nights during term-time at Gallen Community School. Membership is open to young people from the Ferbane catchment area aged between 12 and 18 years who are attending second level education.  Meeting times on Friday nights are:

Junior Club/1st year: 7 p.m.-8 p.m.

Intermediate Club/2nd year: 8 p.m.-9 p.m.

Senior Club: 9 p.m.-10 p.m.


What is Foróige??

Foróige is the leading and most successful youth organisation in Ireland and we have been working with young people since 1952! The scale and magnitude of our work is truly incredible, we now work with 1 in 8 young people in Ireland. We are kind of a big deal! We empower young people to develop their own abilities and attributes, to think for themselves, to make things happen and to contribute to their community and society. As a result, they develop increased self confidence, self-reliance, resilience and a greater capacity to take charge of their lives. It’s what happy, thriving societies need.

Our vision is an Ireland that believes in every young person. Our purpose is to enable young people to involve themselves consciously and actively in their development and in the development of society.


To learn more about Foróige:


Contact Gallen Community Ferbane Foróige on 086-2151328 or by  e-mail to