St. Joseph of Cluny


St Joseph’s Convent, Main Street, Ferbane was founded on 12th May 1896. The four sisters who arrived in Ferbane were members of the Congregation of St. Joseph of Cluny, a French Missionary Order which had established its first house in Ireland in Dublin in 1860.  Canon Patrick Sheridan, Parish Priest of Ferbane had invited the Congregation to establish a Convent in Ferbane.  The main purpose of the foundation were to provide education for young people, and to do parish work.  For over 100 years the sisters continued their ministry of Primary and Secondary Eduction.. They were also involved in Parish Work, as well as being part of various Voluntary/Pastoral organisations in the Parish, such as Pioneers, St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society, Mental Handicapped Association, Ferbane Youth Club, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Apostolic Work, Ferbane Credit Union.

The Sisters continued to be involved in the Girls’ Primary School from 1914-2007.  The School has since amalgamated with the Boys’ School to become St. Cynoc’s Primary School.  St. Joseph’s Convent Girls’ Secondary School existed from 1896-1972 when it amalgamated with St. Saran’s Boys’ Secondary School to become St. Joseph & Saran’s Secondary School.  In Sept 2004 St. Joseph & Saran’s combined with the Community College to become Gallen Community School.  The Sisters’ involvement in formal Education at Primary & Secondary level, ended in 2007 with the retirement of the two remaining Sisters, while the Congregation continues as one of the Trustees of the School.

A Community of 8 Sisters now reside in St Joseph’s.  They continue to be involved in Parish work and various Pastoral Groups, St. Vincent de Paul Society, St. Joseph’s Young Priest Society, Apostolic Work, Parish Choir, Outreach to non Nationals and Cluny Associates. Another important ministry is the prayer life of the Community when the needs of our World, our Local Community and our Church are brought before God each day.  The Sisters know that this is much appreciated by the many requests they receive for rememberance.

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