World Bee Day

As World Bee Day, May 20th, approaches, new research shows Irish Bumblebee populations are still in decline

The All-Ireland Bumblebee Monitoring Scheme, coordinated by Dr Tomás Murray, Senior Ecologist at the National Biodiversity Data Centre, has revealed marked losses in our native bumblebee species. The bumblebee populations recorded in 2017 were the lowest they’ve been since monitoring began in 2012. Consequently, the current overall trend from 2012-2017 is a year-on-year decline of 3.7%, leading a total loss of 14.2% from 2012-2017.

To read more on these findings visit the Latest News section of our website where you will find the press release in full:

You can also catch this news story in today’s Irish Times:

National Biodiversity Week

National Biodiversity Week is at our doorstep. Running from the 19th to the 27th of May, why not tag along with the National Biodiversity Data Centre who are running events throughout the week.

What’s in store?

There are butterfly monitoring scheme workshops, wildlife walks, dawn choruses (one with a coffee morning at the National Biodiversity Data Centre – come and meet the staff!) and one workshop on an introduction to botanical keys, all of which will help you get back in touch with nature and hopefully help us document Ireland’s biodiversity! It’s worth noting that nearly all of the events are free of charge with the exception of one workshop.

To book your place at our events, visit our events page here:

Recording challenge: Butterfly Bash!

This year’s National Biodiversity Week is being also being recognised with a focus on our butterflies, key biological indicators of ecosystem health. From the 19th – 27th May, citizen scientists across the island of Ireland are to be called upon to help us record these fluttering insects and updates of how the challenge is going will be fed through our various social media platforms, with a final summary of results then to be delivered across all communication channels including our mailing list (so you won’t miss out!).

Other events across the country

If we aren’t hitting your locality during National Biodiversity Week, don’t forget the Irish Environmental Network and Ireland’s eNGOs across the country are hosting events too.

Take a look at the events page here:

Get your thinking cap…there might be a prize in it for you!

By correctly guessing what two species distributions have been mapped in our National Biodiversity Week events image, you could be placed in a draw to win one of the following:

1) Atlas of Mammals in Ireland 2010 – 2015
2) Full suite of identification swatches
3) Summer workshop spot